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As I said in the first book, 65% of my cases of cancer reverse with fats alone. Using proteins alone, very few of them. So, fats a major issue with almost all disease, even cancer, it's important. So, remember that if you've got toxins in your body, when you have cancer, you're gonna build up a lot of toxins everywhere in the body and it's a breakdown the liver.

The liver's not digesting fats properly to make the cholesterols bind and to dissolve dead cells, so they just keep collecting the body. So, you're in a dangerous situation. Fats are so important to bind with those poisons, dissolve those poisons. If you don't have them, guess where the poisons go, right into the cells.

You can do damage to chromosomes, may not recover. Then people do not recover. People who stay thin do not recover. Owanza would go from 82 pounds when she was vomiting and vomiting and vomiting and starting to discharge tumors, but as soon as that cycle was over, I didn't think she was gonna live five times, but she made it through. 5' 2" and 82 pounds.

No, she went down to 68 pounds. A teenager, 12 years old. Then she would gain all this weight, up to 140, 160 pounds. So, she would put it on when she had to. People who reverse their illnesses quickest on this diet, allow themselves to get fat.

Those who don't, move very slowly, especially actresses because they want to stay slim. Sure, their blood will stay stable and they'll have more energy, but when they have a breakdown in detoxification, they don't get through it easily, and don't recover easily, it lingers because they don't have that excess fat to protect them, so it starts damaging your cells.

Life cells, weakens them, makes them irritable.

So, fat is the most important, all fat. If it's a disease mainly dealing with the nerve tissue, cream is the best. If it's dealing with any other part of the body, butter is better.

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