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This group, they're all hippies, and that's the type that's there, and all of a sudden, about two years ago, a fellow who looked like he came out of a motorcycle gang came in for a private consult. So, it was after the workshop and the next day I see patients the next few days, and he was one of the people who had signed up for a private consult and he was maybe 20 pounds overweight, 23 max. So, he wasn't skinny, not quite as large as you are, but close. He had all this thick skin from drug damage and alcohol damage, and I photographed his irises and looked at him, and his glands and his organs were very clean, and he is like 48 - 50 years old, something like that. And I could see all the drug damage and alcohol damage to his skin, and I said, I know you abused drugs and alcohol for at least 25, 30 years. He said 30. And I said, I don't understand it. I've never seen anybody this clean yet have skin like yours. You're just not that fat. He said, three, four months ago, before I went on your diet, I was 300 pounds. So, here he had all this fat, even though it was bad fat, he had enough of it to protect him from all of those years of drug damage, his organs and glands, but not his skin and lymph.

So, even the toxic facts is protective. So, when anybody gets after anybody is fat, I said that person's better off than you skinny.

Put 'em in their place because they ridicule people who are fat and they're much better off. You should be fat and happy.

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