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There's a guy at UCLA him, and he's been advocating this for years and they've done experiments with rats and mice, which prove this out.  


Yeah, but the rats of mice are not normal. They're using chemicals and the animals will react differently than we, and a lot of those, those animals are raised on their natural diet before they are used for laboratory work to raise their resilience. And then they'll throw 'em off into these experiments and get a whole warped sense of what's going on. 


Supposedly, they divided them into two groups, and one group ate whatever they want, and the other group was restricted30% or 40% of their calorie intake.  


Yeah, but do you know what they're feeding those rats in the laboratory? I know what they're feeding, they're feeding them pellets. They're feeding them cooked foods.  


Okay. So, what? The point is that the ones who are on restricted diets live longer than those- 


If they lived outdoors, it wouldn't be that way, but living in a cage in a bad environment, it's depressing. It would make a big difference because you know how how fat people get depressed? There's a lot of fat people that get depressed because they don't get outside and they don't get in the fresh air. They don't move around, if they do their whole psyche changes in the way they utilize nutrients. 

Some of your oldest living people are fat people.  

No, we're talking about rats. The rats are fed cooked, processed pellets in the laboratories. They're not fed their normal diet.  


I know, but supposedly both groups get exactly the same thing. 


Doesn't make any difference. The only way you gonna know for sure is to let them overeat their normal diet.  

Well, it wouldn't even have to be in their natural environment, but that would give a better picture of what happens on the normal diet. Rats are omnivores, they'll eat almost everything, but they thrive on bugs and insects. They eat lots of cockroaches, so if they're fed good healthy bugs and creatures and they ate more than another group, it wouldn't be a problem.  

Take the Fulani for instance, the Fulani tribe lives 90% on dairy. To become a shaman or the leader of the Fulani tribe you have to be the fattest person. You have to be the fattest male. So, these males will eat nothing but gallons and gallons of milk a day, and at the end of that year the fattest one becomes the Chief or the Shaman and they live the longest. 

So, you have to watch some of these tests.  


Milk makes you fat? 


If you're eating two, three gallons a day. Can you imagine? You're not allowed to move; you have to sit there in one spot and drink. Sometimes they'll drink 10 gallons, a day. It's like the Sumo wrestlers, keep eating and eating, get bigger and bigger and bigger. 





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