Fat Deficiency Causing Irritability From Sun





fat deficiency





So, all my life, I been very happy when outside. 

My moods are very, very good. In the sun I'm always extremely irritable. So, I'm wondering if... 


That's a severe fat deficiency where you're not able to transform the radiation to vitamin D. So, what it does is irritate the system instead of aids it.  

And it takes a while, I was the same way as a child, I could get into sun. My hair was toe white when I was born and my skin was so white that if I got in the sun for 10 minutes, I would blister. 

And I would get very irritable, nasty. But you know, now that I've had all this fat for so long, I love the sun. If I was stuck in the desert I would start dehydrating along with the sun. I could still feel the heat. 


But you're still advocating sun even though... 


Well, like I said you need to get little amounts of it at a time. It may be a year or two before you're ready to take it. But do it a little at a time. 2 minutes at a time isn't going to make you crazy.  


It's the thought that makes me crazy. 


*Laughs* Then wait. Wait another 6 months, try it then. 

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