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Now, what was her name? Sylvia. Sylvia mentioned about the fasting. You see how dry that her skin is. I just didn't wanna say this when she was present. You see how dry her skin is, how everything has just shriveled up. Well, I've seen her, I've looked in her eyes. 

I've photographed her eyes. Her eyes are very toxic. There's a lot to go through. fasting got rid of the stones quickly, but it certainly didn't help a lot of other things. She thinks she's in great shape for 80. She is, she's pretty good shape for 80, but that's using her feeling well as a model. 

But if I'm looking at her skin all shriveled up like that and her bent over at the spine, that doesn't indicate health to me. That's somebody who's surviving old age, but not well. 


comparing it to other 80 year olds who are very sick.  


Correct. My parents will eat 50% wrong. I've gotten 'em to do it for 20 years, who were dying in their seventies are now in their eighties, they don't have all that dry skin  

I have to say from the fasting, my posture improved hugely. My pelvis is all pushed forward. I'm really much more straight. The body's naturally gone straight. 


But that's now, but let's say the amount of, of cleaning out that it did to help you arrest certain things did not help regenerate tissues. So, the decalcification, the demineralization of your spine may have helped alleviate some of that pressure in the spurs on your spine, and that's a good thing. 


But as sort of a quick start and then back onto the diet. surely got.  


Yeah. I would say that it's probably better off that way. 

And in a circumstance where it generates symptoms, side effects, which are good like that. I mean responses that are good like that, I would have to respond to your thing and say maybe her doing it was good. But I didn't observe it, so I don't know what the tradeoff was. I don't know what part of her body was robbed.  

[Attendee #2] 

But now she goes onto a raw food diet. That should be much better than if she didn't do that? 


Oh yes, definitely. 

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