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So, how come when I did the juice fasting in January for a week in England I felt really good afterwards and all the stiffness and aching went away for the first time in years? Like, I felt so much better, I could do more exercise, but then about four weeks later, I seemed to go into a massive detox. And since then, I haven't felt well at all. I've felt really ill ever since. So, why the initial feeling?


When you fast, like juice feast isn't really a fast. People will juice feast, there's a tiny bit of protein, but not much in juice. You can get about 2% of the protein out of it, so it's not much.

So, it's not starvation like with water, which completely leaches everything, causes lots of problems. Cuz water is solvent, it's not a nutrient, it dissolves rock plants eat. We're not supposed to drink water, it leeches and tears the body apart.

But if you drink juices, go on a juice feast for let's 5 five to 10 days, you will start cleaning things out of the body, but your body's going to eat itself to take care of that. And guess what? It's not gonna eat the toxic shit.

It's gonna eat the healthier cells. So, then when you stop that you're gonna feel good for 3, 4, 5, 7 weeks, and all of a sudden you're going to have all kinds of other problems because now you've got a concentration of toxic cells all over the body that you will have to detox that are loose because you've eaten around the good cells, cuz the body isn't going to eat the toxic cells to get the proteins because they're too toxic.

So, it'll throw you into a heavier detox following it.

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