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Lots of fats and meats are necessary.  


I did a three week fast in January and I noticed a lot of improvements from the fasting. My postures improved, my breathing's a lot better, liver is shrunk, my digestive system's a lot better. 

What do you think about the idea of giving the body of the break?  


You didn't really fast. You went on juices.  


No, actually I did the myo kill, which is a little bit of milk, an dried role such it's well known in Germany and in Europe. I've just noticed a lot of improvements and I just wonder what you'd say about that? 


Well, I've done a tremendous amount of fasts. Even up to a 41 day fast and with urine and a 31 day fast with nothing but water. And I've done lots of other fasts experimenting: juice, feasts and all of that.  

I've always found that when you get the body narrowed down, it functions easier, but it doesn't get well, it doesn't get better. When your body gets the nutrients to start getting in there and tearing it apart, then it starts to work. Let me give you an analogy. Let's say we have New York city, needs repairing. So let's say get it lean, you take out all the people and you take out all those cars. 

The city's still gonna rot, it hasn't changed. You haven't re-plumbed it. You haven't done anything. You've just leaned it out and that's basically what happens when you fast. You've leaned the body down, but that doesn't mean the cells that remain- because you're going to start eating your own cells. 


What about the body's regenerate tissue on its own? 


It can't do that. I've never found it able to. That's why you keep getting thinner and thinner and thinner. Now, if you took somebody, let's say 100 years ago and you fasted them and they were out in the wild and let's say they were farmers, you would be dead. 

They looked for women who were Husky, had something on 'em because if anybody got sick, they could not withstand the temperatures. Either the highs or the lows, and most of the people would die, but we are not exposed to those elements. So, then you lose weight and get feeling a lot thinner and, and easier and lighter and breathing better, everything better. 

You think you're much healthier, but then we put you in an environment that's harder and you'll find out you'll be less healthy.  


But I mean a lot of cultures have used fasting in the past. Haven't they, over thousands of years, the health and yogis have used a lot of that? 


They did it at certain times of the year like in Israel during Christ time. As far as what I've read from the dead sea scrolls that they would fast in the late spring and late summer, not in the two hot times and not too cold times 

They had to do it because they had no other way to help them detox. They didn't have access to lots of foods. There are lots of Europeans who would use fasting, but they didn't do the normal fasting. Let's say Bealer used raw liver and, and vegetable juices. Basically, that's what I do to get people to lose the fat that's toxic in their system. 

I have the meat, the juice and the egg or the juice and the meat. I've got a little bit down because I know that the egg will take out some toxins that the meat won't, help get rid of certain fats better, but I've never found fasting. And I studied that for 30 years. I mean doing intense fast with myself and with myself and other people and I've never found it to be more helpful than detrimental. There was always detriments, it was like [????]. That's what it is cause your body eats itself and you're not putting anything good into it. It has to exist on what is already in the body and if what is in the body isn't great already, then you're not getting it any better.  


So, there's no benefit to giving the body a rest? 


Yes, there is. Like I say, what I tell people to do is eat the juice, the egg, juice, egg juice, egg, right. Juice, meat, juice, meat. So, you're cutting down on the foods that you're eating to thin out,  


But you're getting the nutrient, right? 


Yes. Right. Like you see me, I'm at the end of mine right now, so I'm pretty thin than normal, but still, I'm pretty solid. I can't get much thinner than this. Then I'll go up to my larger size, I'll gain about 15 pounds and I'll take it off again. 

Laurie taught me how to do it fast. So, I do it faster. 





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