Farmed Salmon and Freezing Fish










In the wintertime you can't get fresh salmon. You have to go with frozen or you have to go with farm raised. The frozen doesn't taste as good, but is-


It's much better than the farmed cuz the farmed is mainly chemicals. In the farms what they do is they go to Purina, General foods and they buy in their waste products that have all been chemically treated.

Right now we have 60,000 chemicals in our food that are used to process food and a lot of people say, "Oh, well it isn't in the food. We used it to process the food. It's organic". If you soak your let's say peaches or whatever you're eating in kerosene. Kerosene is natural and they call it natural and you rinse it off after just soaking it for,20 to 30 minutes. Do you think there's gonna be any kerosene in that food? Absolutely.

All this processed food, that's what they feed to these fish that when the fish were first coming out of the farms, they were gray. Salmon was gray it was so toxic. So, the food industry paid the university of Washington in the state of Washington to make a food dye that they could feed to the fish and they wanted it food grade. It is a food grade, but it is not assimilable in the cells, but it colors the meat. So, you're just getting food coloring and very, very anemic, sick fish, anything that's farmed.


Well, how about the frozen fish?


The frozen, like I've said in the workshops before, in my laboratory experiments with animals, if I fed them frozen meat, they all got skin disorders and that's the only thing I fed them, the animals that ate the same meat, unfrozen got no skin disorders and they were fine. So, there is a breakdown with freezing.

I found, however, though, that Northern fish don't sustain that same kind of reaction, but let's say salmon caught from a river in Oregon, or something like that. If you freeze it, there's a problem. A salmon caught in the rivers in Alaska can withstand and not have the same breakdown from freezing, so it gets specific and particular.


That's why Eskimos can eat frozen fish everyday.


Yeah. Still they have a shorter life span than the tribes that eat raw in a tropical warm environment, because they're all eating this frozen food. I mean, when I was with them, they cut a hole that was a foot and a half thick into the ice to fish and by the time they got the fish out of the water to the mouth, it was already a popsicle.

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