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farmed fish





You need some seafood. It could be oysters. It can be anything that's wild ocean caught.  

A lot of scallops are wild, but when the shellfish is farmed, it only means that they put a fence in the ocean, government lets them put a fence out there and nobody's allowed in that area. 

So, they're not feeding the fish anything unusual, the sea creatures, the oysters, clams, scallops, they're still eating right from the ocean. So, those are not the bad farmed foods.  

The bad farmed fish are the ones where they dig a lake and they feed them alfalfa pellets and anything that is thrown away from some kind of processing. 


And worse yet, the ones up in the Vancouver area in Seattle now for salmon farming, if they're done in the wild estuaries and whatnot, they're contaminating the wild caught salmon out there. 

So, they're actually man feeding salmon in the ocean. You know that? 


Well, they're not really allowed to do that, but what they're doing is they're letting them escape and they're breeding with the wild ones and that's causing the problem. 


They have allowed them to feed manmade fruit to the contained salmon. 


Well, I think that they were proposing that, but the last time I read that, they weren't allowed to do it yet, but that the fish were escaping. They were jumping over and causing all kinds of problems, they were getting all kinds of diseases. 

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