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Long term effects on your eyesight...


It's very individual. Most people that get on the diet are beyond thirty. Usually the toxicity and scarring is already set in the eyes. So, reversing that may take 15 to 20 years on the diet. I had 15, the only healthy things about me my whole life was my eyesight. As a child I could see the hairs on a flies legs without magnification, and I could read a magazine from that picture over there to here.

When I got cancer of the face, when that aerospace epoxy came out of my bone in the nose and the cancer burned my nose away, a third of my nose away, it burned a hole in here and a hole in my head here, the acid ran down and burned that eye. So, that damaged the sight in this eye. They said that I'd never be able to see out of it properly without a lens transplant

Anybody want to donate. Anyway, he was scary thinking he's and it was probably about eight to 10 layers depending on the area. And, um, I keep taking photographs of it at different angles to see year it's. Uh, you know, whether it's diminished and the layers of denim is diminished down to just two now. So the SBI is healing.

There are other people whose eyes food. Those people are people who usually either ate light in their eye or butter in their eye every other day or once or twice a week. And those people's lives improve and a steady basis, but you actually have to TBI directly are found to implement that

oh, it's improving. I mean, I, I can't tell your eyelash.

I can tell who you are very well. Yeah. Is there any reason it's better to do it only once or twice a week or every other day, rather than the, I would say it depends upon your eye. A lot of people who've put a lot of people who tried for the better in the eye, because, so if you only put like a dry. Um, the lie bag, most people lie back and the act alleged said was utilized was 10 minutes.

So conveniently melt allowed to absorb. Otherwise, if you walk around like this, trying to see with butter and your eyes and staying cool, you on Jordan, you've got this film over your, I won't be able to see very well. So, but the egg, why you put that right in, see perfectly nonwhite before. And not have to keep your eyes closed, but the oil may be a little too.

I've seen a few people put oil and butter in two and three times a day, every day. And then all of a sudden calls, a massive IB Tosh and starts putting out sand. I think that's a hell of a force detox and people have improved their vision quicker, but you know, you may be impaired provision for a day or two that is functioning.

You can't go out. You've got sand in your eye. You've got a lie there and just let it get it through the center of your eye to get it out. And he keeps coming out during the day and you can't function imagine driving and all of a sudden once when you do your eye,

but that takes, uh, I think something like three weeks before one person. Doing it everyday three times a day.

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