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It just happens. People go through different detoxes in different times. Last year after I forced the meningitis by eating eight ounces of high fish, I had grains coming out of my eye. Part of the brain dumping because the brain can only dump out the sinuses, the eyes and the ears and the mouth and the gums and the salivary gland. 

I don't recommend it for anybody unless they're very brave. 

Yes, this psychologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico came to me about five or six years ago and she's an expert witness for the federal government. She's like a psychologist that questioned him. She had interviews with him to determine whether he was sane to go on trial or not. So, she's pretty high powered. 

She's had asthma, most of her life and inhalers and prednisone's.  

She's down to maybe taking a 10th of her medication and rarely takes an inhaler at all. She always had red eyes because of that. So, she always looked stoned when she's up on the witness stand. So, she says is there anything I can do about it? And I said, yes, drop a few drops of egg in an eye dropper. I said drop an egg into a glass, take some egg white out and drop 2 drops into each eye.  

Put your head back and pull your eyelids completely away from the eye and roll your eyes around for about a minute. So, she did that about three days a week and about, I think it was about 1 year and 3 months and she was on the diet and she called me in a panic one day, "My eyes are so bad I can't see, I can't even read signs on the road anymore, this diet isn't working.". 

I said wait a minute, you have multiple problems. The diets taken care of some of them, and you've only been on the diet a year and three months it's not gonna repair you and everything in a year and a year and three months, it takes 40 years to clean up everything. You build everything five times before you'll be optimal. So, if you're still having eye deterioration, that's probably because of your medications that you're still taking. You need to go to the optometrist and get a new prescription. So, she went to the optometrist and her eyesight was about 20 to 30% better. So, she had to get a reeducation her prescription. 

That's the first person I knew that put the egg white in her eyes on a regular basis, but you got an instant improvement. So, I started suggesting other people wanting to improve their eyes that they put it regularly in the eyes, the egg white and sure enough, in every case of people that continue to degenerate even on the diet their eyesight, it stopped immediately  

And for most people it reverses it. 

I'd probably do it at 9:00 AM morning because at night you can kind of use it to help the body clean out any pollution that is absorbed into the eye lining. And then during morning, just to refresh and feed the eye directly. 

Her eyes use to be very, very bloodshot all the time and now they're much better, so it's working. 

Just the egg white, put the yolk in there you could be clouded, big time. 


Rotten egg in eye. 


But then it starts decomposing and it might cause an eye detox, instead of an eye nourishment and feeding. So, I'd be careful with that, might end up with pink eye. That's not a bad thing to help, but it's a hell of a thing to go through and everybody thinks you're contagious because the medical profession says it's contagious. 

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