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When I last was exercising, I did like yoga stretches and weight lifting. If I stopped exercising, I found that after three months I was still the same strength, but if I stopped stretching for a week, I'd almost lose everything.

Why is there such a discrepancy?


On this diet, when you're eating raw meats and raw fats, I don't do anything. I mean, literally I'm on the computer and I just hold this. Once every February I'll come and trim some trees, about two tons of trees and drag those around and haul it, but that's the only heavy work I ever do, and I retain the muscles. On this diet you retain muscle very easily.

However, because we're so toxic, we always have minerals combining with poisons to try to neutralize them, to alkalanalize those over acidic free radicals that are throughout the body. So, that causes calcifications. They call it calcification because the highest mineral is always calcium, but it's a conglomerate of minerals. It's not just mainly calcium, but these deposits will collect everywhere and that causes stiffness, and then you have to get the lubrication. You have to get the lymph system moving into those areas and the blood and the neurological fluids all have to get in there to make sure that these are dissolved and they don't stay growing as crystals.


Anything you can do to mitigate it?


Yeah. Be on the diet 40 years.

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