Exercise Isn't Enough For Lymphatic Congestion



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Okay, take your body temperature and you may get up to 99.5°. You've got to hit 101°, so that water temperature has to be minimum of 101° - 105°, and you have to keep it at that. So, you have to let the water out about every 15 - 20 minutes, some of it, about three inches of it, put scolding hot water in, and also the mixture that I suggest: the milk and the vinegar and the sea salt in there, or epsom salt in the water. So, they'll help pull out the toxins and uh, keep the water warmer for a longer period of time.


Do you ever go hotter?


You just can't stay in it that long if you go really hot, you just can't stay in it. People are out in 35, 45 minutes if they get it too hot.


How long should you stay in?


It should be 45 minutes - 1.5 hours.


I've gone in for two hours, just a few nights ago.


Yeah, but the water cools so much.

Oh, so you have like a jacuzzi?


No, but I mean, I just got it out and fell asleep again for another 20 minutes.


Oh, I see. You just kept waking two hours.

Yeah. It's great.

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