Excess Protein Okay With Good Kideys



too much



Well, it could mean many different things. Could be mean that you're breaking down a lot of dead cells in your body and you're dissolving them to eliminate them, and they're not dumping into the intestine, but they're traveling through the blood and the kidneys gotta be responsible for it.

As long as you have healthy kidneys, all that excess protein isn't gonna tax the kidney,

I've seen everything, I've seen paraplegics regain lots of motor functions. His feet were all buckled over, this was his entire movement, that was his life. Two years on the diet he gained 60 pounds, he can turn on and off and put in his tape into his tape deck machine.

They said he would never get better. Two years later, he has got so much function. Still doesn't talk well, it's hard to understand him, but he's communicating: he can tell people what he wants, he can play his tape machine, he can express himself. A whole different person, and the doctors because social service is involved with some children like that. She got these virologists to write a letter saying this child is allowed to have raw meat and raw dairy.

Because it's the only thing that's changed him since his birth, so they realized that it was that doing it, so the mother wouldn't get in trouble.

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