Everybody Gets Cancer






Everybody gets cancer. Everybody in this room has had cancer at least five times, by the time you're 50 years old, it's just in a very low grade. If they catch it and then you're diagnosed with it, then they're gonna treat you for it then you can count on dying within 7 to 10 years absolutely with metastasis.

That's why they like to call 5 years as a dead point because only 60% of people die within five years, they get metastasis within five years. So, they like to call your cure rate time five years, but six and seven years is when the other half of the population has the metastasis, and your dead in seven to eight years.


But why do some people develop the symptoms and other people don't know they have any symptoms. They get diagnosed and other people won't be diagnosed.


Because some people complain and as soon as they get an ache and a pain, they went to a doctor, and if it's diagnosable, then they're in trouble cuz they will be convinced to do chemo, radiation, and surgery or any combination of them.

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