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What about essential oils, are they any good or are they all toxic?


All essential oils are distilled at 267° if they're youngs. And even young even says in his book, nature does it from 52° - 67°, not 267°. Just because he's 200° lower than everybody else doesn't make it a good oil.

It is a solvent when it's distilled at that temperature and eats right into a cell, a cell doesn't have a choice. It's like gasoline or kerosene.

You put the oil in and you would have to somehow let it sit and ferment until the oil separated. Then again, any kind of an oil separation is gonna be more solvent reactive, cleanser. It isn't like butter or cream, which stabilize and strengthen the body. it will be act as a cleanser.

Now most people are full of plastic wax fats, so when they use the distilled oils, it goes in there and breaks them down, but the byproduct is very toxic, so they may feel better because now their lymph system and other things are flowing and maybe they're perspiring now in their neck or wherever they're using them or in their sinuses, but it will start at some point within a few months of using it to deteriorate your tissue, dissolve them.

What happens if you use 'em for 10, 15 years and you've got mucus membranes that are all scar tissue. Then it happens in the lungs, what's gonna happen if you can't absorb oxygen? You're gonna be a vegetable.

Most people put it on their neck and also it'll start breaking down all the lymphatic congestion in the lymph, but it doesn't do it safely.

Yeah, it'll dissolve them. It'll definitely do that.

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Not dissolve. It allows the nail to become normal.


No, it stops the detoxing of heavy metals, it causes the warped toenails. I'd rather have warped toenails for a while and let it remove from my body. Of course, if you start doing the hot bath, you're gonna eliminate a lot of it, and then we won't have to build it into the nails and hair.

But I'd much prefer gnarly nails than have the poisons remain in my body, heavy metals.

After I got abducted and injected with those, I started having all kinds, still I have all kinds of detox. This is all numb, completely numb here. Can barely feel anything. Very thick pads, when it happened, you see how thick that is? That's a third of what it was. I used to take a knife and just peel them off. I mean that thick. I would peel the pads off. I'm now ready to do it again in this area. After that, and this is some of that. This is a cancer tumor that came about, and I got them all over my feet about two months ago. And you can see I got rid of all of them, except for this one. And this one's starting dissolve, but I have to soak it in hot water for a couple of hours every few days just to keep it from going hard again and it's starting to get hard again right now, so I gotta soak it, but you can see all the damage and see what it did to the nails. I had perfect feet. Everybody used to admire my feet, nails were perfect. They're not perfect anymore, but they're getting better. This one was this thick, this one was this thick.

And it's just your body builds toxic metals into the hair and nails, so it just went nuts. Now this one's starting to become normal. This one is starting to become normal again, all of these are normal except for this one and this one and this one, but they're all gnarling since the two years ago when it happened.





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