Epstein Barr and Guillain Barre


epstein barr

guillain barre




What about other viruses like the Epstein bar virus? 


Epstein bar, that's a natural. Basically, that's a natural one.  


Would you say that was one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome or not really?  


Yes, absolutely. But Epstein bar is a natural one in reaction to chemicals in the body. Just like disease, which is a extreme form of anaphylactic shock. 

Guillain Barre is complete paralysis. You're actually a vegetable. That mainly happens after vaccines.  


Flu shot. What the Epstein bar? 


No, Guillain Barre.  


What about the Epstein Bar?  


The Epstein Bar will happen under that situation too. It's chemicals. 

Vaccines, mostly vaccines, any injection that can be- you can be allergic to penicillin and get the same kind of reaction. 

You can get yellow fever from a polio vaccine. How your body responds, it depends upon its own nature.  


How would you get rid of it though? The Epstein Bar, any specific tips?  


Well, I didn't want to get into that specific for Epstein bar because sometimes what they identify as Epstein Bar is not. So, a lot of people that think that they have- 


It's such an unusual problem, it would be nice to hear at least an overview.  

It would be so good. 


Epstein Bar is basically a breakdown of the lymph system, and if the lymph system doesn't flow and have what it needs to pull out the toxicity, then the whole system breaks down and you have chronic fatigue.  

It can move into lupus, which is degeneration of the connective tissue. That's the worst place I've seen it go.  

And people who eat a lot of carbohydrates like breads and pastas, it goes there often. 

Lupus or Ms. 


Lupus if you have pasta and what else? 

[Attendee #2] 

Bread, carbohydrates. 


Yeah, high carbohydrates. 

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