Epidemics Are Pollution











They definitely got rid of those. They could have stopped a lot of those deaths, but they didn't want to because if they get rid of them, then they can allow a lot more poor people into this country to work at very low wages. That's what it's all about.


Can I just quickly throw one thing on the last one? You kind of said that it's the people who got treatment are the ones that died.

Cause my question on it was like flu is a detoxification, right?


Flu is a virus. You can have bacterial detoxifications, mainly colds, anything that's bacterial, but flus, they say are all viral. Virus are not alive. Viruses are soaps made within the cell because the body's so contaminated or a cell is so contaminated...

So, the cell or environment around the cell is so toxic that bacteria, parasites or fungus cannot break it down. So, the body makes soap solvents to dissolve it. Just like we have compounds, which will break down oil. It can disassemble and make it into a more water soluble substance, but what happens when you have that, you have a whole bucket of contaminated fluid, and that same thing happens in your body. When you have bacteria, parasites, or fungus eat things, it reduces the contamination to a small amount.

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