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I wanted to talk about your theories about we don't catch things, we're detoxifying. So, I understand that you don't catch colds, but how do you explain things like large epidemics, such as the black plague that swept through Europe or sexually transmitted diseases?


Well, do you know the lemmings come out every 7 years and jump off the cliff?

Do you think they get a contagious disease at that point? Well, the black plague, from what I understand it comes out about every 112 years, something like that. So, it's a microbe, or a virus that comes at a certain time. It's on a time lap.

Now if people aren't well, and that becomes a part of them, they may not survive it. Depends upon their individual makeup. and of course, if you live on an advanced glycation- most of the people who died either were vegetarians or people who lived on tremendous amount of carbohydrates and were not getting meat or milk.


Poor people.


Mostly poor people, unless they were farmland farm people, then they were healthy and fine, but it was your city people who were poor.

Also, what I read from one particular engineer who survived the flu of 1918.

He said that in all the people he knew who were wealthy, who went to doctors, all the allopath's, 1/7 died. He said those people who ate good raw foods often, maybe 1/50 died. I think it was 1/50 or 1/90 something, it's close to that.


What'd they die of?


So called the flu, but he's saying that they died of the treatment. Which would be anaphylactic shock, but the people who were not going to doctors were not dying.

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