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Can I soak the walnuts?


Then you'll have a different form of enzyme inhibitor, which is even worse than when it's raw. You just may need to let yours sit for a few hours before you have it, make it the night before, so the bacteria starts breaking it down.

That's the problem with raw food fruitarians and vegetarians. Every year that goes by, they lose more and more digestive... you have somewhere around 3 million different ways to construct enzymes for digestion, and if you've been on a vegetarian diet for about 10 years, you'll lose about 50% of those.

Then each year after that you lose about 2% a year and it increases exponentially. So, like Owanza who was vegetarian for 14 years, by the time she was 35 she had cancer all over her system and couldn't digest anything, not even water.

So, it was a difficult time, so she has a lot of digestive disabilities. So, if he lets his food sit, let bacteria start breaking it down, then he'll be able to handle it.


I've had digestive problems for a long time, and I've been telling people cause they my body has been working so much better than it has in my entire life.

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I have to agree where had the same thing, but when I started this, I was unable to anything without feeling bloated for a really long time, but I had also been vegetarian for 20 years.

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When I have the nut formula my throat starts burning. Should I still eat it?


Absolutely. You just might wanna follow with a little cream. What that does is it starts pulling out the acids in the esophagus and larynx, drawing them out. They're usually neurological acids, like with burning in his rectum.

What are the most concentrated in metals? Nerve tissue. When that degenerates you have high amounts of toxic metals in the system, and when that goes through the tissues into the mucus membranes.

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