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unheated honey







For the nutrient that the E coli has released to help balance that, you can take three tablespoons each of butter, cream, coconut cream, quarter teaspoon of honey, and put that in the 4-ounce jelly jar. You shake it, put it little hot water, get it up to about 100°, 102°.

Remember the cow heats up to 105°, cow's body temperature up to 105°, 101° - 105°. So, you can take dairy up to that temperature. When that little tiny bit of honey is mixed with that cream from the cow, it will not damage it. Honey normally is damaged 93° on, and it turns it all back into sugar. So, that much heat with that little bit of honey is not a contradiction with that cream.

So, you take an enema bulb syringe, like a four ounce one, eight ounce if that's all you have, a two ounce little baby one, but you have to do it in two stages if you do with the two ounce one.

And then right before you go to sleep, you get on all fours, you bark like a dog and then insert it in you. And when you're doing it, don't get excited. You provide this and then you insert it in you and then get down all fours, roll your stomach like a belly dancer, cuz you don't wanna remove it. You want it to stay in you and then you just roll over on your left side, roll your stomach again and that'll move it in.

So, what will happen is it will lubricate the sigmoid colon and once it's finished lubricating that and the fecal matter, it'll go further up into the colon and feed the E.coli. I will help preserve the coli and make them stronger, so then you won't have constipation for four or five days and some people have to do that every four or five days, especially people with high anxiety stress.

Now, most people have that kinda stress any kind of abuse because...

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