Yes Melanie.


At one time I was told I had endometriosis and this man that I was dealing with who was going to help me out, it wasn't a doctor, it was more like holistic route. And he said that I had parasites. That's what was giving me the endometriosis, and we had to get rid of them and he gave me black walnut tincture and all these different things that made my head spin. And it was really unbelievable for about a month I had to do this every day, and so he got rid of all my parasites. So, that means that I tend to get them. I saw them come out. Can I get them back?


Well, you did natural means to get rid of them.

So, it means you'll get 'em back as soon as you get those fluids, those serums out of your system.


Well, this was a year ago.


It takes about 3 years to get all that out. But parasites do not create endometriosis. Endometriosis occurs when the body is lacking regenerative ability somewhere, and it needs cells from some other area and it happens to pick an ovary to take those cells and to plant them somewhere else, to borrow those cells.

So, when you go into a period, not only are your ovaries reacting, the cells that have transported somewhere else that are normally ovarian tissue, react on that same monthly pro cycle. So, you're having pains in other areas where those ovarian tissue cells are alive. That's what endometriosis is. That occurs from having some kind of damage somewhere in your body that needs new cells or live cells and your body goes to the ovaries.

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