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Electronic chlorinators work off of turning salt into chlorine, chlorine that doesn't have a chloroform vapor and those are fine.

I will swim in those every day if I had that.

If you put salt in the water, they've got an electronic field that sends a signal through the water and it turns salt into a more natural chlorine that does not have chloroform vapor and just use sea salt if you're going to do that.

Those are good for swimming pools or you know, small pools. If you're using something like that, it's fine, but if you know you've got a lot of chemicals in the water, you're still going to need something to chelate with those chemicals if you're using in city water.


How about doing showers or baths with city water? Same thing?


Same thing. I would never take a shower, I always take baths. When I was living in the city and having the city water, I always took baths only every two, three days and always put my milk, my vinegar, and my sea salt in the water.

I found that putting 2 - 3 tablespoons of coconut cream in there really makes the skin nice. That's what I would use now if I had to do that, but I have my own well.

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