Electricity and EMFs




electric blanket


Can I ask the next question? 


Go ahead. 


About the electricity, the things that emit electricity. 

I'm not clear- even though I know you've written about it. 

What that electrical charge or there is- 

What is it and what does it do to the body. 


Any electrical field emits radiation.  

Whether it's radio waves or whatever, you can take a meter- 


What's it called?  


It's called tri-meter. 

The Tri Meter can can gauge electromagnetic fields, radio waves and and other types like radiation from our microwaves.  


I know a guy on the raw foods diet who actually does that professionally. He'll go to your house. 


So, if you can take that meter and you can put it on the computer or whatever and we can find out how far that field goes, it's damaging to the body 'cause it alters the molecular structure of cells. 

The city Los Angeles, you know the Power Department, 10 years ago put out a warning with your electric bill saying it's been proved that electromagnetic fields alter the molecular structure of cells of animal cells, including human.  

If you're using an electric blanket, do not sleep with it on, you turn it on to heat your bed, you turn it off before you get in. And let me tell you they would not have issued that it wasn't scientifically proved that it kills and damages, harmfully human cells.  

And it's been proved anything over 3 gals is harmful.  

That's the measure for electromagnetic field. 

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