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For well over a year now or so I'm living on milk and honey and eggs, and that's it. It's so easy. I can drink it all day and I don't have to spend any time fussing in the kitchen and it tastes good. It always feels good, and I have so much time and energy in my life for everything else I love to do.

So, so I had no complaint. It feels great, but am I headed for any like long term deficiency or something? Cause I'm not doing all this other food everybody else here is doing.


Well, that all depends. I probably have 12 elderly people that live on that diet. They just won't eat meat. They're fairly healthy, don't have solid muscles because without meat, you don't reproduce cells quickly. If you had the milk fresh out of the teat, never refrigerated, those hormones wouldn't be altered, but once you cool it below 75°, 73°, you've lost those growth hormone factors that allow the milk to act like meat, help you reproduce cells quickly.

Freezing the meats does the same thing, destroys the ability to reproduce cells quickly.

She said she lives on a diet of milk, honey and eggs and wonders, is that okay?

Is she gonna develop some kind of deficiency that would give her some kind of disease that turns her into a frog?

No, just a toad.


Is there something you suggest I add, so I don't?


I would have to look at your eyes to make that determination.

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