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Anonymous person who's been trying to get on the diet and trying to get off a medical drug, which is, if it doesn't take it about every three days or something like that, then the whole thing just comes back on in extreme pain and all that.

I finally gave up and I took pill they recommend, and I started pretty intensively and the swelling went down and I got everything under control, except now I'm on a drug basically, and I've gotta smooth out. I've gotta get off the drug someday.


So, why didn't you call me?


Well, I had your recommendation, but it, I mean, I was in the kitchen all the time with the pain formulas and soaking in hot water and doing all this stuff.


Yeah, but maybe I'd come up with something different. I found out that the calcium and sulfur in eggs and, and milk will chelate with the uric acid that causes gout.

Some people who eat cooked meat cannot discard the uric acid that accumulates and that causes gout. So, a good milk diet for about 4 to 6 weeks can get rid of it.

A heavy egg diet. Eating an egg every half an hour, eating 2 to 3 quarts of milk a day. All the foods with high sulfur can help pull out a lot of different chemicals and drugs in the system. So, you might want to do it diet like that.

Like for me to get rid of this, I've only been eating meat once a day. Sometimes up to a pound at a time, but I usually eat two pounds a day, eating a pound twice a day. But right now I'm just eating one meat meal a day and drinking two quarts of milk with a half a cup of honey in it to detox and get rid of that toxicity.

And I always warm the milk.


How do you warm it?


I put it in a bowl of hot water or take it out in my hot tub. My hot tub's warm, I'll put it out there. and it works a lot better, it helps relax the body.

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