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On indigestion, I've had like pretty much continuous indigestion for about a month. Like mostly heartburn, but also some diarrhea, various aches. So, I went on to do what you said to do in your book, milk and honey. So, I've been on that and that pretty much just reduced the heartburn to almost nothing, but my question is like one, what causes indigestion and anything else I should do. Cause I just want to get back on the regular diet cuz I'm kind of thinking I'm not digesting my food properly and I want to I wanna absorb more.


If indigestion is followed or accompanied with heartburn, you've got toxins leaving your esophagus and dumping into the stomach, also means you're not producing good mucus. So, there's several things you have to do.

To produce good mucus, the body uses the mucus membranes to dump into the mucus, the mucus holds the toxins and you move them through and out the feces. And you'll find clumps of mucus if you break your feces up, you'll find little strands of mucus here and there. And if you have that analyzed, you'll find lots of toxins in it, and it could be a wide variety of toxins.

So, if you are having heartburn, that means your acids are burning your esophagus lining. You're not producing enough mucus to hold those toxins, so they are staying in the mucus membrane itself in the esophagus. You have to find a way to produce mucus. How can you produce mucus? Need to eat lots of eggs, not just 3 or 4, 6 a day. You need 8 to 10 a day to start producing enough mucus or 8 to 10 plus a milkshake with the eggs and the extra cream and the honey and some milk with it to produce enough mucus to alleviate that.

Now, if you have low hydrochloric acid, beet juice and raw corn on the cob help you produce hydrochloric acid. If you have low bile, beet juice is also helpful for that. Pineapple is also helpful for that, papaya is also helpful for both protein and fat digestion. So, those are the fruits that you would add to your diet, your one fruit meal a day. Those are the fruits that you would add.

You might even have some people who have really bad digestion without having Crohn's disease. I'll tell them to take a, a little cube of a pineapple or papaya with their meals, especially meat meals. To help digestion. If you've got a spell, a very bad digestion, you may be detoxifying through the stomach, the esophagus and the intestines.

Not a time to eat other foods, anything other than egg and cheese, cheese to go in first absorb the toxins egg to follow, to give you the easiest digestible food that there is the proteins in the egg white easily as Semial digestible is Semial because it's, there's no clumps of food for your digestive juices to have to work on it.

All you have to do is wait for the bacteria to infiltrate it and eat it now. Weed. Literal. We are eating the discards of bacteria. 90% of digestion is bacteria. The particles, everything that we digest is for the off, off waste of bacteria. That is our food.

The medical profession will have you eat antibiotics and antibiotics and antibiotic. And what happens. You destroyed bacteri bacteria all throughout the body. 99% of all of the functions that happen in the human body are bacterial. I need that. You keep reducing. Anytime you get around chemicals, you keep reducing the colonies of bacteria in your body.

Um, I mean, think about some of the tribes that I've met. They can run down a horse in their bare feet and catch a horse in full run, 35 miles an hour. Who the hell here can do that. even our top athletes can't run that fast and these are primitive people living on nothing but raw foods, pretty phenomenal.

So you have to take a look at this whole antibacterial thing. It's to keep you sick and weak. Hi, and the greatest salt are vaccines. It makes your children weak, honey. Okay. So should go off the milk and honey, even predominantly eggs. Yeah. Predominantly eggs until, well, if you're having heartburn still, you need to eat a lot of eggs and you need eat that cheese.

Okay. Cheese, 10 minutes later, egg, 20 minutes to every 20 minutes to 45 minutes. You have cheese, 10 minutes after that. Okay. Now, the reason I, I chose, like in your book, you have both milk and then, um, the eggs, but anytime I did eat an egg, I got the worst heartburn from the eggs. So I just disregard the heartburn.

And did you have the egg in the, uh, in the milk, in the milkshake or you separate, you had the, sometimes it was part of my juice. Sometimes it was like 10 minutes after the Jew. And sometimes like, just by itself Uhhuh and sometimes it was in the milk, but anytime I noticed I had the egg, I got the worst heartburn.

Uh, well, sometimes egg can pull certain kinds of toxins out of the body. That's why I have people, Kathy. No you're talking and oh no, I'm saying because I'm, I'm having a fit in my breathing Uhhuh. So go, well, just breathe. Don't talk, please. It hurts me right through when I'm breathing well, breathe slower and do prana.

Yammy you know, I do prana Yama. Okay. You go through one nostril at a time. You cancel the five to inhale. Nobody's supposed to be going through the back door. You go out the, the front door. I'm sorry. Yeah, because the insurance company was gonna cancel my insurance if anybody's going up and down those stairs.

Understood. Okay. Lock it please.

Okay. So just breathe in count of five, hold it to a can of five exhale to the count of five. Breathe in for five. Oh, you can of five, hold it to a can of five. Hold your breath, then exhale to a can of five. Do that for about 30 times. And then do the other nostril. Oh, this is one side 30 and the other side 30.






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