Eggs Pull Poisons To The Stomach








Good! You should vomit. 


Well, what's the point of eating it then if I just chuck it up. 


You've seen those old labels, and remember when we were kids, it said if you swallow this poison, swallow an egg and induce vomiting. 

Because eggs are great to pull poisons to the stomach like milk is, but eggs is pretty profound in doing it and it will cause you to vomit, but once you vomited, you got rid of it and then you can keep down the eggs, but you've gotta let yourself vomit if it's trying to.  

But usually, you only vomit like once and then you'll be able to eat for days, eat a lot of eggs, but vomiting is the quickest way to get rid of poisons. 

You don't have to worry about diarrhea. You don't have to worry about loss of fluids, discharging the bile and the poisons easily.  


Saves you a trip to the toilet. 


*Laughs*, yes. It also saves a lot of nutrients lost trying to keep it from destroying intestinal tissue as it passes out. 

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