Eggs Healing Alone









Eggs. Talk about eggs in the detox process. You talked about the teeth and all that. Just talk about eggs in that process. 


In the teeth process? 


Well, just generally detoxing, and what would you recommend? 


Eggs don't detoxify, unless you eat them with fruit, then you make a solvent of that fat and protein. Eggs by themselves are always healing, reconstituting. They do not help you divide cells. So, they don't help cellular reproduction, but they can take a live cell and reconstitute it with all the nutrients in the egg. 

So, it can make a very sick cell very healthy, but it won't help you reproduce cells.  

Smoothies make you go through more detoxification, fruit along with the fat in eggs will make you detoxify, makes solvents. It makes viruses to dissolve toxic compounds in your body. 

[Attendee #2] 

Not eating eggs alone? 


No. That helps constitute and feed your body.  

[Attendee #2] 

So, how often could you could you do that? 


Depends how much you want to detox. I recommend only having fruit once in a day. If you want to have the smoothie with that. Other than that, you're taking a risk on coming down with a heavy detoxification. 

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