Eggs For Energy After Workout





honey and butter



I go to gym before I go to work, and can you tell me a little bit good to regain some energy quickly? 


Before, or after the gym? 


After exercise I'm pretty tired. Then I have to go to work because that's my schedule.  


I would say down five eggs. You saw Rocky? Okay, he breaks the five eggs into a glass and downs and then goes and does his workout. 

And then he wipes his mouth like that. And it doesn't work if you don't wipe your mouth like that. 

Just 5 raw eggs and you'll have the energy back. 

Well, you can also eat little amounts of meat if you get tired often. You know, little golf ball sizes of meats, and that'll pick you up. But after a heavy workout, five eggs for your size of person, five eggs minimum. 


With honey or with milk?  


No, you need the eggs alone. 

And then maybe 20 minutes later, have some honey and butter.  

[Attendee #2] 

How do you combine the honey and butter? 


Just stir it. 


And how much honey and butter?  


For a workout like that for you, probably six butter to one. Honey. 

What about for when I do a yoga workout?  

[Attendee #2] 

Probably a little bit more honey in that situation, you're not burning as much fat. Heavy workout like his, you're burning a lot of fat.  

Burning is the wrong word. We don't really burn. We utilize the fat. When you eat, you don't burn your nutrients up. You don't cook them in your body. You disassemble everything and they create different energy sources. That's what happens. So, it's not really burning a fat, it's utilizing fat as energy. 

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