Eggs For Emphysema

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Somebody was saying you have lecithin.


Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. Take a look at the woman with emphysema that I talk about in my recipe book. Emphysema for seven years, her MD said she was gonna die that weekend, she'd been on machines for two years, bedridden for almost two years.

And her MD called me and said, "What can I do"? And I said, "Well, you're calling me a little late, aren't you?" And she said, "Well, in the medical profession, you cannot give alternatives, until the medical therapies have failed for 10 years". It's only been seven years for her, so she could lose her license by recommending another therapy, but she cared about her patient.

So, that's why she called me. That's when I found out it is a law that a MD can only give you medical therapy for 10 years. If it fails for 10 years, they can offer you alternative therapies.

So, you're doomed to medical waste for 10 years, medical destruction and they have the oath do no harm. Who's bullshit is that? Not one of them live by it.

So, this woman ate 33 eggs a day at my recommendation. I said, get that woman 10 - 15 dozen eggs, put 'em on her bedside and to eat as many eggs as she can in as little time as she can.

I got a call on Monday morning from this raspy voice woman and said, "It worked, what else do I do"?

"Who are you?", she said, "Well, my doctor called you and you recommended I eat as many eggs as I could. So, I ate 33 on Saturday, 33 on Sunday. I'm off the machines, I'm out of bed. What else can I do"? Keep eating the eggs. Because her body can spend all the time cleansing and healing with those eggs, cuz she's not spending all the time in digestion.

She's already in a serious state when you have emphysema. So, she needs to spend all of her time cleansing and healing, not digesting. So, I had her eat that for about six months, eggs and eggs and eggs, no biotin deficiency. She got well. It's absolute bullshit, it makes me angry.





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