Eggs For Digestion - Coconut Cream and Honey For Dry Mouth




dry mouth

protein deficiency

brain hemorrhage

heavy metals


coconut cream



Doesn't have really muscles and that I noticed with his father that he was very athletic when he was young and I'm surprised that he didn't have it because you can compare with the same roots.


Okay. Well, he stopped digesting his proteins, which digest his fat. Lots of eggs. Eggs, eggs, eggs.

[Attendee #2]

You said you could eat the eggs with a meal to gain weight, right?


Yeah, but sometimes when you can't digest, you have to just eat a lot of eggs by themselves. Like I say, for me, maybe 22 eggs a day, I lose weight. If I eat 24 a day, I don't lose weight, but I force my body to heal and to cleanse and heal rapidly and only focus on that, so then I can go back to eating meat and I can digest it. So, when you have a situation like that, he needs to eat as much eggs, so he doesn't lose weight, maybe even gains a little bit if he eats enough of them till he can digest his meats properly.


Do you just eat the eggs? Nothing else?


Usually when you're having eggs, you're gonna get very dry, the body starts using a tremendous amount of H20 with it. So, you may need to just sip on like a tablespoon of milk every 20 minutes, just to keep hydrated and coconut cream on the lips. Little bit of honey with coconut cream on the lips and on the tongue, just to keep moisturized.

And remember it's not mainly the H2O that causes dry mouth. The poisons leave the brain out the gums, the tongue and the salivary glands just pulls all the fats in the face. That's why all people who eat cooked foods get wrinkled in the face before they wrinkle anywhere else, because all the fats are being pulled out of the face to bind with all the metals that are in the brain.

Remember the brain is 60% fat, and where do mainly toxins store? In the fat. And if they're thin people, they only have two places to store it. The brain and the bone marrow.

So, when those poisons dump out, it rips all the fat out of the face. So, people get dry mouth. You need to put the coconut cream with honey on those lips, cuz the coconut cream will absorb quicker into the tissue more than anything else.

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