Eggs For Digestion (2)






No, it just means that you've got so much systemic toxins that your body is dumping the poisons into the intestines preventing you from having your food non-con contaminated. Eating cheese helps absorb it, eating raw foods usually gets rid of 99% of any allergy right away.


I been eating raw vegan.


There's no protein in that. If you have to go start somewhere, eggs, eat eggs all day long, eat an egg an hour if you want to break that. Cause I have people that can't eat anything, that's what they do. I have them eat every hour one egg, followed by a teaspoon of half butter and half honey, every hour.

And let me tell you, I had people who were skin and bones and they were going to die. And I had one guy, he came with his wife and he was about 59 - 60, and she was about the same age, maybe a year younger. She was skin and bones and frail, and she couldn't do anything.

And he came in, was an intellectual, he came in and the whole time he was looking at me like you bastard, you got my wife here and you're gonna tell her this bullshit, really the whole time. And then he saw in a week she was able to do fine on this diet.

So, guess who became by patient in six months? Now he comes religiously every year with his wife cause it's that easy, eggs will get you out of any kind of allergy.

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