Eggs Easy To Digest - 25-50 Not To Lose Weight




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No, not weight gain, that's weight loss. I have some people eat only eggs because they don't digest. So, when you eat an egg, an egg is the easiest food in the world to digest, takes 23 minutes to digest an egg. Only three inches of your small intestine is utilized to digest and absorb that egg. That means your body gets all this intensely small easily digested, liquid fat and protein. It goes right in the system to heal, cleanse, and heal the body.

So, if you've got a bad digestive tract, you need lots and lots of eggs. Not enough to lose weight, so you have to eat 25 - 50 a day, so you don't lose weight for somebody your size. I've eaten up to 50 a day.

If I eat let's say, only eggs all day long, 25 and I won't lose weight. If I eat 22, I'll still lose a little weight. So, I just have to find my level when I'm just doing an all egg and when I do an all egg diet it's because something is dumping into my intestines, poisoning the bacterial environment in there, so they are not digesting food particles anymore.

So, I need to eat things that don't require much bacteria and that's the egg, the egg's the only one. It takes milk a minimum of 6 hours to digest, and that's if it's kefir.

If it is whole milk, then you're looking at 19-20 hours to digest, even 24 hours to digest.

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