Egg Whites, Fat Digestion

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You told me I need to put a lot of weight and put me on a diet that averaged like 16, 18 days a day, something like that.


That's all?


So, I was going at it and I got up to 10, 12 eggs a day and actually I put 30 pounds.




I actually have energy for the first time in my life.

I've been trying lots of things, so that works. That works pretty well. So, of course I'm doing mad amounts of research and reading all the time and came across these articles written by Dr. Mercola and whatnot and he actually mentioned you in one of them, but he says that he's doing his own research.

He found that there's some about avidin in egg whites.


Binds with biotin in the test tube. It doesn't do it in the human body. Like I said, and it says it in the book, I address that under eggs. It says that the biotin mixes with avidin in to make to make a solvent, a cleanser of biocarbons. So, the more biocarbons you have, the more biotin and the more avidin you need bound together.


What is a biocarbon?


Biocarbons is when your body uses oxygen and utilizes your nutirent. Biocarbon are a carbon. You know, we don't really burn like a spark plug. We don't burn fats. We utilize them in a chemical change and it provides a certain amount of energy when we've used/exhausted that chemical structure of that fat, we've got biocarbons and those need to be eliminated.

They need to be neutralized and eliminated and that combination helps. See the problem is that Mercola and all the other scientists are not scientists. They're researchers. I have dealt with raw eggs extensively since 1976, and it is never created a biotin deficiency. Not one patient has ever gotten it after being on the diet.

They come to me with biotin deficiency. What could be addressed as biotin deficiency. Eat lots of the raw eggs with egg yolk and the egg white together, never have a deficiency. So, this is all theoretical. Mercola doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

He is new to this. He's only four years into this. He's even one of my patients and he's new to this. He doesn't know anything firsthand. So, whatever thinks looks good is what he adapts to, and he's lying about his research.


A biotin deficiency in the first place, what does that look like?


It depends upon the individual. It can create many effects and I'm not gonna go into it here because that something well never get through if I start to address deficiencies, but you can look up in any kind of book, nutritional Almanac. You can look up what biotin deficiencies are on the internet.

So, eat your egg together. Don't eat them alone. Cuz then biocarbons will remain in your body and you won't get well, look at Mercola. He doesn't do what I tell him to do. What happens? He gets skinnier and he's more he's so hyperactive, look at his video. I mean, he's just like this. When he went on my diet was staying on it heavily, he was calm, contemplative, thoughtful. He's just eating lots of fruit and he's doing all these super foods that will hyper him up and he's not rational anymore. He's not calm and collected. It's a shame.


So, you're saying you should eat eggs with other foods, not alone?


No, he's saying eat the whites and the yolks.


Eat the white and the egg yolk together, because he suggests you eat them separately because of that biotin/avidin combination.





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