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egg whites




You were talking earlier about putting coconut thing in your eye for a particular condition, which I don't have, but my eyes are deteriorating. My eyesight isn't as good. And I was wondering maybe that would just help-  


Egg white. If you're getting scar tissue or you're getting layers on your cornea, then the coconut cream and the lime will work. 

But if you just need protein to strengthen the cornea, so it doesn't misshape, you just put egg white in the eye. People who put egg white in their eye, two to three times a day, usually lose 10 to 30% of their prescription per year, reduces. But they do it two to three times a day. The people who do it once a day, it may take two, three years for 'em to decrease 10%. 


One eye sees further and the other, you know, all that stuff. I have no idea about the shape or what's causing it.  


That's what causes it. One, the conation gives you farsighted vision and the one that flattens gives you nearsighted vision.  


Are you saying you can use egg white for any eye problems? 


Any eye problems 


How much?  


What I tell people to do is take the egg white and put a little dab on the little finger or this finger, usually the little one. And you just get a little bubble of egg white on there. You pull the lid down; you look up and you just rub it along the bottom of the white of the eye. 

And then you open both of them and then you roll your eye like a circus master and get it all over coated, and then you close your eye and that's it. You may be a little foggy for about two or three minutes. It looks like you're going through some foggy water there a little bit, clears pretty quickly. 

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