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Like I said in the book, egg white. You just put egg white in your eye and your eyes will be white quickly. Also, if you have blurring vision, your eyes are not in good shape and you have to wear glasses, putting egg white in the eye twice a day has improved in 60% of the clients, has improved the vision by 30% in a year.

And the way I do it when I do it is I'll have an egg and a little egg white in a glass, and I dip my finger in it, so I got a little bubble of it. Pull the lid down, rub it along the sclera on the bottom of the white of the eye on the bottom, then I'll hold the eye open like this and then I'll roll the eye around like a circus master to get all the egg white all around.

Takes about three minutes, so your eyes aren't blurred, your vision isn't blurred and the eyes are just relaxed and cool. And then the redness just goes away.


You chase it with purified water or anything.


No, no, no. You wanna leave that in there. Egg white is 90% exactly like the tears that you make, higher in protein, and that's really good cuz then it strengthens the cornea. And when the cornea gets weak is when it starts warping and you lose your vision.


I've been putting lime juice in it for ages and I felt like I should wash it out after.


Yeah, that's an antibacterial. Yeah, but put egg white in to wash it out.


I put it in egg white, and then I put it in with a dropper.


Then you put egg white in pure by itself after that to wash it out.. You can use an eye dropper, but then you have to clean the fricking eye dropper. It's a mess.

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