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I mean, I'm like an addict. I'm terrible.


It does just the opposite.


But what does my body want then if it doesn't want that?


It needs fat.


I'm just doing the eggs, 18 eggs a day.


18 eggs, those fats burn. They don't solidify or stay in the body, they burn and remove toxicity. That's why I say if you eat eggs, people eat 50 eggs a day, they'll lose weight.


What else do I need to add?


Well, you need honey with almost everything you eat. The fat in honey, I found in my experiments, especially on the mouth, relieves dry mouth more than anything.

You can put butter in your mouth, put cream in your mouth, you can do all kinds of things, meat fat in your mouth, meat fat is the second best, and that will relieve the dry mouth sensation. But the dry mouth, like I've said before, when the brain detoxifies all those heavy metals, it does it through the gums, the tongue, and the salivary glands, most of it. Some of it through the sinuses.

When it comes out, it creates all that plaque around the teeth. It also causes all the fats in the face because the everything coming down, all up in the nerves and the teeth and all down the gums, those channels outta the brain are ripping all the fats out and all of the skin and flesh.

That's why all tribes who don't eat a lot of fat shrivel at the mouth.


So, all the eggs are drying?


Drawing. You're not adding any fat, it's gotta be butter, or it's gotta be cream, it has to be coconut cream, things like that. But if you want to replenish the mouth, the only fats that are absorbed wholly and completely into the cells around the mouth are the fats in the honey.

So, use saliva and honey. I don't know how well you remember I used to have heavy lines a year ago, all up in upper lip, and just in the last year, I've been extremely using the honey/butter, they're almost all gone. And I never get dry mouth and dry lips again, unless I go my workshop, long day, talk for eight hours and I don't put the honey and saliva on, then my lips will get dry again and start cracking it.

If I put that honey and saliva in there, I never get dry mouth and that I don't go for water anymore.

Dry mouth is due to brain detoxification. All the poisons leave the brain, pull fats out of everywhere it comes out. It's like a magnet, just takes all the fat up its way out.

So, it leaves this whole area dry that's why everybody wrinkles around the mouth heavily and around the eyes cause the tear ducts are constantly flowing it out and then that'll cause dryness around here.

Well, you remember I had 12 layers of skin here in all those years of being on a bad diet and I started putting the honey and and saliva on the forehead about eight months ago and it's down to about four layers.


Every night.


No, I just do it. I'm not that vein. I just do it when I feel like.


You do look different.


Yeah, it's very different. I just do it two times a week.

Honey and saliva. Put the saliva on an area first so it's very moist and I put saliva on your finger again, just dip it into the honey put saliva on top of that. So, you're just putting a very fine layer so it's barely much.





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