Effects of Two Drops of Mercury

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They cause severe damage. Just give you an idea of some of the damage that has occurred. If you go to Calgary University in Canada, their website, you're gonna order a DVD, which shows what happens if you put a 2% solution of mercury into neuron development.

Now, all neurons on any species, no matter if it's an insect or a human or a bird. No matter what it is, all neurons develop and grow the same way. So, all of the brain develops the same way no matter what species you are. So, you see all these neurons growing and they've got this DVD and they put a 2% solution of mercury and all of a sudden, you just see them disappear, just eats them away. And then they have another phase of that DVD where they show that a molecule of mercury will cause an entire cell or group of cells to lock to that one piece of mercury, and that's what causes neurons to disintegrate.

Aluminum doesn't do that, and a lot of the other heavy metals don't do that. The heavy metals and lighter metals don't do that.

The mercury does it every time, and there's a lot of mercury in everything, everything that's in our environment, and if you ever used merthiolate or mercurochrome, those are liquid mercury antiseptics. If you've ever had vaccine, you've had liquid mercury injected into you with almost every vaccine, and they store in the body and if they get released into the blood or neurological system, they'll cause a deterioration of the nerves and the neurons in the brain. So, that has a tendency to collect, and that's what causes your major diseases because your farmers didn't get the flu, your farmers didn't get the black plague.

It was only the concentrations of city people who got it or the city people who were so poor that they were thrown out into the farmlands and some of those got it. And they say, well, it all happens at one time, and if I had given you some poison in the food and everybody ate it, within a few hours, all of you would be sick.

Well, the same kind of contamination will happen progressively about the same time. The major incidence of your poisoning, the reaction from it, the body's attempt to detoxify it will occur in a greater number of people within the same timeframe. Some people will be more contaminated sooner, some people later, but the majority will all get it about the same time.





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