Ebola and Native Americans Were Poisoned - Not Small Pox




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[ Attendee]

What I understand about the Ebola is that if you come into contact with it. It kills people within 24 hours, which on one side effect it's good, because then it can't spread as fast because it kills people like that *snap*. I don't know what you know...


Well, again, it's an immediate poison and also you have other symptoms, like down to South America all through the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

The way Coca-cola and the mining- The jewel mining industry got rid of the natives was they said that you know they would arm these Brazilian guys with machine guns and poisons to go poison the water supply?

To keep the... you know the- the people and the missionaries confused. They said that they were getting smallpox. And they were dying of smallpox, but almost every poisoning disease will have smallpox like reactions. And if you've got a medical guy in there saying, oh, this is smallpox, people buy it.

A news article goes out that it's small pox, but it's really poisoning formaldehyde in drinking water will cause that. Strychnine in drinking water will cause that.


Next question is, so everything in history books about white men bringing disease that American Indians did not have immunity, that's false?


That's all bullshit.


Yeah, so they deliberately killed them?

[ Aajonus]

Oh, they were deliberately murdering, yeah?

That was an acceptable genocide because nobody knew about it, and it was disease killing them.

[Attendee #2]

So they poisoned them?


Yeah, they poisoned them.


They gave them blankets on the reservations that were-


No, that was the lie.


That was the lie?


That's also part of the lie.


So, how did they toxify them then?


They poisoned their water systems, with formaldehyde and strychnine and a lot of other complex alkaloids.


Couldn't they have tasted that?


Strychnine has no taste.

Formaldehyde is diluted with alcohol-


(unclear)- 18th and 19th century that was already affected.


Oh yeah, they were using formaldehyde in milk.

Preserved milk we were using formaldehyde, Benjamin Franklin stopped that.

Formaldehyde is a poison that is used a perservative.

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