Ebola - Mosquitos Don't Spread Disease

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And that's the way it was done. That's the way you get rid of like the Ebola. Ebola is manmade and it is not contagious through mosquitoes. It's never ever been proven. And if you look at the behavior of a mosquito, you'll see that only the female bites. She's got a proboscis that if it were on me would be about the length from here to here. 

When she goes in, she digs down in and she bites every cell in a pool, in an area. So, she creates a pool of blood. They do not cast saliva. So, they eat all around. If anything were to get a piece of saliva or anything in there, doesn't matter because what does she do? She sucks up the whole pool of blood, every bit of it. 

So, if any of her saliva got into that pool of blood, she's already sucked it up. It's gone. So, they pull down and they don't even eat it. She doesn't eat it. She goes back to her larva and the larva feed off of the blood. So, the myth that mosquito transport disease is absolutely ridiculous. 

It's another thing like you'll get parasites if you eat raw meat. It comes from a myth. It does not come from any laboratory science.  


Then when they say West Nile, this guy died from West Nile. What are they seeing in his body that they can connect it to west Nile?  


A lot of them will call any kind of a retrovirus activity, they'll just give it a name. 


They're saying the mosquitos have it here right now. 


Yeah, but that's your Dow chemical, Monsanto wanting to make a hundred million every time they drop [unclear] on a city. They make fortunes doing that.  


They do that here in Riverside constantly. I'm hearing it on the news and I'm just like ughh. 


And there's no evidence, but because the politicians are completely ignorant biochemically, they accept anything they're told, and of course who's behind it? The chemical industries, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry doctors are all behind it. So, don't worry about getting some kind of a disease from a mosquito or a swamp or anything like that. 





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