Eating Rats





third world countries




Oh, in Thailand if I catch the big rats, they eat them.

I got a tractor finally to clear out some of the jungle and uncovered several big rats nests, big forest rats. The dogs caught them and they eat them. Not the dogs eat them, my workers eat them.


Why do they like the rat meat?


Well, when you've got a big rat, it's pretty tasty and it's a wild rat. It's not a city rat that eats garbage.

[Attendee #2]

How are things going over there in Thailand?


In Thailand, they have a raw meat dish, especially up around Shanghai, it's a regular thing that they have a raw meat dish. I forgot what it's called, but they have a dish that they eat. It's raw meat.


What kind of raw milk do you get over there?


Best I can get.


Is it buffalo?


No. No. Cow. They imported a lot of cows, from New Zealand.

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