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Okay, we're gonna start with the Q and a. Now, do you have a question? Uh, you said that, uh, we should, uh, sleep for, uh, three hours and then get up, eat something. And, um, supposedly that we, uh, cannibalize our red blood cells. I ran a web search literally for, for that. And I couldn't come up with anything. So where are you, uh, drawing that from?

Well, when you, when, um, I study blood analysis and the higher, the key tone level, um, the shows that your body's digesting its own, uh, cells as the ketones rise, of course, the medical profession simplifies and say, You know, your kidneys are breaking down or your liver's breaking down or something like that.

But I found that with a blood test, I could see the blood, um, count lower after five hours. So, and, uh, I had an MD that took on, uh, six people, took the blood every 30 minutes during sleep and, uh, what they had, we put a catheter in the individual. And, uh, so, and we, weren't taking out a lot of bloods. Wasn't like the hospitals, the hospitals take out a hundred times more blood Than's necessary when they take your blood, a tube like this, they use not even a teaspoon of it for the analysis.

They just take all your blood. I wouldn't let 'em do that now, but I know that, you know, say, yeah, you taking tables. and that's it. If you need for different desks, then I'll give you five tables. If you've got five tests to do, but you're not gonna take a whole two or three CCS for every test that you want done when you're only gonna use not even ant.

So cuz you know, it takes a long time to rebuild that. Anyway, we saw that the um, the blood, uh, red blood cell level decreased without swelling in the pancrea. Means that, I mean, the, um, the spleen, so the blood red blood cells, weren't backing up into the spleen cuz you know, the spleen is a reservoir for red blood cells.

If you have a terrible bleed, we have like one and a half to two pints of red blood cells in the spleen. So if you have an accident, you lose two cups of blood or cup and half of blood, you get the blood right back into the system. So you don't become an. And of course, if you were a Caman back in those days, you had a bleed, you'd be dinner if you were anemic, you know?

So, um, the spleen is a reservoir for red blood cells. So there was no, um, uh, increase in the splint spleen size. So the red blood cells weren't going there, but we measured an average of about two to four, uh, tablespoons of red blood cell loss. Uh, after eight hours of sleep and of course, then it began compounded for people to slept nine and 10 hours.

And it began right at the five hour point, ke tongue level became very high and kept growing. And the, the concentration of red blood cells diminished. And what result of that? I mean, if that happens and what is your, what is that? You have anemia when you wake in the morning five. So, you know, people are right now, they wake in the morning after eight hours sleeping, they're still.

So they go for some drug, they go for caffeine or nicotine or Theo, mine chocolate to give them a charge or a heavy sugar to give them a charge. That's no remedy for anemia. Eating is a remedy for anemia. And I told people who wait, you know, at, uh, yeah, I usually tell people, wait during the middle of the night, eat something and go back to sleep so that something with protein.

So that that doesn't need fruit, unless it's, let's say coconut, but eggs, milk, uh, meat, anything like that? Just a little bit, even just a half a cup of milk that will prevent it. And when we did the ran the test the next night, um, with the same people, the key tone level was almost neglige. You know, we've always got somewhat of a Keone level.

Cause we break down, you know, cells all the time in the body. So the Keone level was normal and the, um, the bread blood count was normal for everybody who ate in one person eight and a, uh, two women drank a half a cup of mil. Each couple of men drank, um, a whole cup of milk. So one egg was okay. One egg was that, that was all this one woman.

You know, to handle hers. I didn't think it would, but it handled it. So you would probably recommend too if you were doing it general. Yeah. You know, you're our size. Definitely. She was more dein to, um, I think she got five, one, something like that. It was very small. So, um, . If you have a tendency to be hyperactive, a high energetic person during the day, then if you wake up after five hours and eat, you're not likely to go back to sleep, might energize you too much.

So I tell some people wake after three hours eat and then go smoke, sleep for five hours. And that result.

You pardon that we're studying? You've done. That's not the many of the journals, so no, no. Uhuh, you're not gonna see that because the doctors don't look at anything in a natural perspective.





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