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You always have to have fat with it. 

And if you get the green stuff right, then you're getting less sugar and more enzymes. 

So, it's much better, it's like the Thai's and the Cambodians and the Laus and the Bermeses and the Malaysians. They all eat very tart green mangoes and it's funny because it keeps them from having the lymphatic congestion which usually goes along with their kind of a high carbohydrate diet. 


I like my bananas really green almost. 


Yeah, that's the way to have them, bananas are a sub acid, like apple.  

[Attendee #2] 

Mangoes are they acid or alkaline? 


They're alkaline, unless they're tart, then they're sub acid. 


Is banana a sweet fruit? 

[Attendee #2] 

When it's green, they're not sweet at all. 


But when they're ripe, they're really sweet.  


Really sweet, high alkaline. 

[Attendee #2] 

So, essentially fruit that's not really sweet- 


Is much better for you. 

[Attendee #2] 

And if you do combine like a mango with chicken, is it bad?  

Or is it just that it doesn't seem like what beef does, does it just convert it to fuel? 


Well, it's just in my experiments, I can't tell you why or how.  

I just found that even if you mix a fruit that is semi ripe, not overly ripe. 

If it's overly ripe, it's going to make fuel of your protein. 

If it's semi-ripe or unripe and you mix it with white meats, it will still help generate tissue and heal quicker. But with red meats it doesn't. 

The only thing you can get away with the red meats is the pineapple and the papaya.  

[Attendee #3] 

So, the red meat should be eaten by itself? 


No, you can have it with tomatoes and other things, I've gotten recipe book. 

You know, what you can combine with red and white meats. 

You know and there are 82 sauces in there to make it enjoyable.  

The 82 sauces can be made 3-5 different ways each, so it's about 400 sauces.  

So, find many sauces that are easy, but I mean you know somebody could eat a third of a pound of meat a day, but with the sauces they eat three pounds a day. 

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