E.coli Dissolves Tumors





high meat

fecal matter





The situation with the Children hospital Toronto had been using E.coli for over 30 years now to completely dissolve human brain tumors in two - seven days. Including the vessels going through the veins. 

And Yale's been using salmonella to dissolve other tumors. 

Salmonella, so with the medical profession and the pharmaceutical house wants you to get rid of all bacteria in your body, so you have to go to them. 

One injection of that attenuated salmonella- bion products for the leture costs you $8000 dollars and you can just let an egg rot. 




Just let chicken rot and eat it. 

Then they attenuated the salmonella, so now it cuts off the oxygen to the tumor, but no longer eats the tumor. 

So, now what they do is charge you $12,000 for an injection of solvent to dissolve the tumor. 

$20,000 of treatment, when you can just eat high meat, high eggs and get rid of your cancer easily, at pennies. 


Anybody that's interested in getting the large intestine with the contents, I also get that from the buffalo.  


Aajonus, what does attenuated mean? 


Altered, genetically altered. 

So, there's lots of people who have severe mass depression.  

It's usually because they don't digest proteins properly, so eating fecal matter gets rid of it the easiest, so does high meat, but fecal matter will get rid of it longer, creates a high. 

[Attendee #2] 

Do the metals affect the fecal matter? If I eat buffalo shit... 


Still, place where you need the breaking down heavy metals, it's not gonna get there. 

Hot baths are the only way you're gonna get rid of yours, and cilantro. 

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