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I just told you why the skin gets toxic. Cuz poisons perspire out the body, so the skin's going to be dry for the rest of your life probably. So, you have to put some kind of lubrication on the outside. Primal Body Care Cream is always the best nutrient wise. That's on page 145, I believe it is, of The Recipe Book. Somebody's recorder just clicked off. No, Lorraine may. The Primal Body Care Cream is the best. That's in the one page, 145 on The Recipe Book.

Next would be the coconut oil if you're getting it from James in Los Angeles, it's the Thailand coconut oil that's made by friend of mine, a patient of mine on Costa Maria Thailand, has made and been to the home of people who make it and watched it be made perfect. Also, on wildernessfamilynaturals.com, [no longer made properly] they carry a Philippine fermented coconut oil, and it's made the same as we make it in Ko Samui, but it's made in the Philippines now.

He used to allow the coconut and oil to reach about 105° - 110°.

After talking with him for three months last year, he brought the level down to 96°.


Is that Wilderness family?


Wildernessfamilynaturals.com. Yeah, so that's the Philippine fermented coconut. They have other coconut oils, but that's the only one below temperature.

Just rub it in and wipe off the excess after 20 minutes. Put it on very thinly and it goes a long way. You really don't need- that's pure oil

In the Primal Body Care Cream you've got nutrients to feed the skin, not just protective oil.

When you ever have just a pure oil, it is more detoxifying, but it seals off the dry air, you'll lose less moisture in your skin, it won't dry, but it won't nutrifiy your skin like the Primal Body Care Cream.

Alternating one day with the primal facial the next day with the coconut oil. That's a good way to do it.

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