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It depends upon what it is. Some people have a reaction to alcohol, which causes them to need more alcohol to break down particular fats. People who eat a lot of vegetable oils and olive oil have a tendency to need more alcohol, and if they can't get it in their diet, they'll do it in their beverage.


What if you're on cocaine, heroin, something like that?


What happens when you take drugs, no matter what kind they are, your body will control them with adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, dioxin, any of the endocrine glands, because all endocrine glands hormones are 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbohydrate just like the coconut.

Some of them are all the way down to 60% fat, 20% - 30% protein and a higher level of carbohydrate, but none of them are under 60% fat. So, what happens is, the body produces hormones to bind with those toxins, people get high. Plus the chemical can cause a high at the same. What happens is they bind with that and will store them in the glands, keep collecting some of that chemicals and store it in the glands or other tissue.

When you stop taking it, your body goes all of a sudden into a heavy detoxification, all that chemical that's been loosely stored. So, it causes an opposite reaction, a drastic react. And those are the DTS or withdrawal, whatever you want to call them, no matter what drug it is, that's what the pharmaceutical house counts on.

You're having a problem with, and you say, "God, I gotta take this medicine. I'm going crazy". Cuz the body is going crazy temporarily cuz of the severe chemical imbalance, you just have to get through that.


So, if you eat cheeses or anything like that, it won't make any difference?


No, it definitely will. You just consume cheese every 20 minutes you're going through a withdrawal, consume cheese, just a little sugar cube size amount every 20 minutes. Make sure you're drink sipping on raw cream all day long and eat some honey. Honey will usually stimulate the body to detox drug chemicals rapidly, so you have to have very small amounts of honey. What you could do is mix honey and butter together to help soothe your tissues, rather than having honey alone.

So, it would be cheese, honey and butter and lots of raw cream sipped throughout the day, and of course some protein, meat. Fish would always be best, don't eat red meat if you're going through any kind of withdrawal, cuz it could put you into violent behavior because of the high acidity. Remember all those chemicals are highly acidic already.

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