Drinking Urine - Not On Primal






Yeah, well I don't -I used to drink, when I was a vegetarian- 

I used to drink my urine because I had a problem digesting proper proteins. 

So, I did drink my urine everyday. 

But, when I started this diet, I had to stop because I got too acidic, and irritable.  

And I would get fatigued from drinking it. 


What about the homeopathic thing? 


A tincture from it? Well, every time they make a tincture, they use alcohol or some other ingredient to alter the chemistry. 

It becomes a chemical.  



[Attendee #2] 

Well, she was mentioning a homoeopathic preparation.  


All homoeopathic's are just low dose drugs.  

They have to use drugs; they always use some chemical.  

Always a chemical, alcohol or something else. 


So, Aajonus you were saying on this diet, you found that it wasn't beneficial to drink your urine. 




That's because you get so much protein that the body is constantly detoxing the old stuff out of the tissues. 


It could be and there's just too many toxins in the urine. 

And some people still do it and they are okay, but most people I have found in experimentation it wasn't good.  

And animals, you know- animals will drink their urine and eat their feces only if they don't get the proper foods.  

Once they get the proper foods, they stop eating it. 

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