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Joe made a comment about what you're drinking while you're taking the bath, and I know you said use a sport drink, but sometimes I'll just take room temperature milk and I'll sip some of that while I'm taking a bath and he suggested that, that you told him once maybe to put mineral water in with the milk.

Is that accurate or no?


No, I said mineral water in with a milkshake if you want to thin it a little bit, maybe some people I may have said thin the milk may be by 1/3 with water. Sometimes when you're eating just milk in a hot bath or a hot tub, you'll get caked, all the minerals will cake around the mouth and around the tongue cuz the body's using all those minerals to buy when the poisons are coming out of the brain and sometimes the body doesn't have enough water to help dissolve it, it causes too much drying. If I were to have that done, I would put a bit of a honey at the hot tub with me, and I would put honey on my lips.

I wouldn't dilute with water. I would have the sport formula, and I'd have milk in the hot bath.


And when you have the milk, you have it straight?


Yes. I'll have them both together.

So, sometimes I'll take a swig of the sport drink and then a swig of the milk, and then the sports drinks, right on top of each other.

[Attendee #2]

I have a strong affinity for milk after I've had the hot bath. I just feel like drinking milk.


Well, I drink milk in the hot tub.

I want all those minerals in my system, so I drink both.

[Attendee #2]

So, how much of this do you drink? Like a quart of milk?


If you're in 90 minutes, absolutely. You can drink a quart. I never drink that much. I drink probably a half a cup before I get in, cup while I'm in, maybe 1.5 cups and then 1/2 cup when I get out.

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