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How does a cast keep the self cast from happening. 


Well, if you have movement there, the body will build it on its own. 

If you don't, if you've got a cast on, there's no movement, so it doesn't develop.


So the best thing is don't have a cast on when you break a bone.


Yeah, just be careful while this is still this is built that you don't dislocate that bone.

Yeah, why is to care? 

The only place I took a big chance with that girlfriend I met when we go to the market. 

So while rolling up to go to the market. I'm like, well I'm well enough to go to the market. Bangkok, you've got thousands of people elbowing- elbowing, so she had to go as a guard for the shoulders.

People bump left and right, people dump everywhere.


We should never go to a market in the situation. when your health is bad? Especially there.


Right but she was my shield.


What about a splint like they used to use, for broken arms? Is that okay do you think?

Well, it will still keep the movement in your body from developing it's own.

It'll still cause less pain.

Either use a splint or not, or a cast or not. It doesn't matter it's up to you. As long as the cast is plaster of paris you won't have a problem, but they are starting to make y'know...





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